Amauta is a quechua word meaning a master of great wisdom

The Amautas constituted a special class of wise men who were considered the most highly-educated and respected in the Inca Empire. They included illustrious philosophers, doctors, warriors, poets, and priests who kept the oral histories of the Incas alive by imparting the knowledge of their culture, customs, and traditions throughout the kingdom.  The Amautas were largely entrusted with educating the Inca rulers of this vast empire teaching religion, history, government, in addition to miltary techniques and moral forms.

Se conoce con el título de Amautas (del quechua: hamawt’a; ‘maestro’, ‘sabio’) a aquellas personas que se dedicaban a la educación formal de los hijos de los nobles y del Inca. Formaban parte del Consejo imperial del Sapa Inca. Enseñaban en el yachayhuasi lo ques la  historia incaica, religión (Inti o Sol), idioma.


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